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2014 retrospective – A very full year

What a year! Who would have thought that we would be travelling to so many places, challenge our skills so much and finally have the courage to fulfil some of our greatest dreams? One thing we learnt along the way is that looking backwards is worth as you can connect all the dots that at the beginning do not make any sense. That’t why we have decided to share with you some highlights of this year of happiness we experienced. We hope it can inspire you and make you laugh as well!

So this is our 2014 in retrospective: thanks to everyone who has been part of it or made it real!

2014 New Year Resolutions

We had our first taste of down under at the very start of the year. We decided that we wanted to be free, happy and spend some time in the nature. Most of all we promised some friends we were going to visit them (and we are really strict about promises :) ) so we bought two tickets to New Zealand where we spent good quality time with family and three of our best globetrotter friends Elena, Giulia and Alessio. We share the passion for beautiful stuff, a rock’n’roll lifestyle and love for meaningful things.

As part of our resolutions, we decided we needed a psycomagic act to kick off the year! 1. let go your fears!


It wasn’t easy, but necessary, as to live the life you want and to experience the best of it, fears need to be understood and faced. Full stop. In New Zealand we drove more than 5000 km and we’ve been basically everywhere: we met so many great souls along the way – Kiwi are spectacularly friendly and the nature there is incredible! No wonder why they film so many movies there!

Full Experience Breakfast

Could be an animal or an original plant or the most beautiful landscape… doesn’t matter: to experience deeply the real world you need to open your heart and mind to others… so when travelling we had to 2. Meet the locals and embrace their habits. Below you can see Meg making friends in a Maori village and Marco going barefoot as everyone does in New Zealand.


Back to reality

We went back to Europe with the heart full of inspirations, ideas and willingness to change things for real. The bad news is that on holidays is easy to embrace change as you can’t really stick to routine and familiar faces: you are naturally pushed to be a bit different and back home it’s even easier to forget about your good intentions. But we were really determined to get things done. So we started changing little things at a time in our environment and take the courage to start a new life. Either on the work side or on our personal life, we want to make things better, make things for ourself and for others. Could be a matter of helping a friend new to town (in London at the time), or standing up for yourself and asking for a pay raise. 3. Start being the change you want to see

To list some achievements, Meg managed to build (among other things) a pink paper castle for Disney (was also in her bucket list), Marco pulled out badass designs for 7/9/13 and we met some new special friends (¡Ale and Polpettas!) when visiting Madrid!

Shoelace belt headerdisneyspain


It’s no secret that Meg converted to Buddhism and this may be also one of the reason why she found what she was looking for when she joined FutureLearn, inside the British Library: a mentor who can guide you to express your potential, a passionate and heterogeneous team, an inspiring place where you continuously learn and improve your skills and soul. Thoughts are really potent, that’s why it is really important to 4. Start focusing on what you really want as your mind is really powerful and makes things and situations happen.

buddMeg British Library

Enjoy your success

Then suddenly everything seems to be coming into place and it’s time to 5. Sit back and enjoy what comes next after your hard work. (At least just a bit – so hard for us f. hard workers!). We spent some time in the north of England in the Lake District with our favourite Peeps and the nature call was pretty loud!

emegmmmo peep

London Loves You

What happens next you already know but what London gave us before leaving was the most amazing Good Bye ever!  6. Be grateful! In random order: Free Foo Fighters gig, Legoland, Bima and Lovie Awards, Dancing nights, Marco’s 30th birthday, Marina Abramovic, Berdmonsey nights, Food Challenges, friends abroad visiting you…


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We want to thank all our friends that are all around the world and decided to inspire us with their courage, life and support. We couldn’t have done all this without you! We do feel love!

Wish you a fantastic 2015 full of everything can make you feel this way!