Apricotjuice is a creative collective made up of curious and crazy designers. Our aim is to create something valuable and meaningful while travelling and that’s why we would like to hear from you.

We have more that 10 years experience in developing and designing beautiful things which add value to people’s life. We do this analysing and developing projects in the fields of graphic design, video, events, fashion.

We believe in sharing contents and even if digital has changed the way we communicate, we understand that marketing still operates on the fundamentals of human behavior. For this reason we use the most of our time in research to be updated on what is happening around the world and most of all we look at individuals. In this way we base our projects on how people interact with the environment and what they feel and think.

That’s why your opinion matter to us!

Behind the screen

Marco is a creative designer and art director with 13 years experience in branding, advertising and public relations across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.

With a high level of visual awareness, together with a passion for fashion, design and sports, he firmly believes in keeping things simple (+ the need for proper coffee) and in finding the best visual solution according to brand style guides whilst retaining a vision for the big picture.

He is a people’s person – open minded and always up for a good laugh: an enthusiastic learner, constantly looking for the latest innovations that improve life quality and provide some fun. Travel is also important to him, second only to his ever-present thought about what meal is next (and hoping that it’s pizza).

Creative direction, graphic design, packaging, product design, brand activation, media relations, branding, digital photography, photo retouching, pr strategies and events.


Margherita is a visual and strategic designer, working on projects ranging from integrated marketing communication to infographics, video and experiential design. She thoroughly enjoy experimenting with new styles, techniques and media. Whatever she does, she tries to make design that is useful, and develop ideas into something more understandable that adds meaning and fun along the way.

Her love to learn about/from people and their experiences, either through the digital and real world, pushed her becoming a crossover person: this involves lots of learning, planning and building collaborative work with developers, marketing people, content producers and partners.

She is a very passionate and curious person: she laughs heartily, loves stories that make her cry, white plush clouds, art falling in love with science and viceversa.

Specialties: Branding, Calligraphy, Lettering, Illustration, Concept creation, Storyboards, Information design, Creative direction, Wire framing and prototyping, Motion and Graphic design, Paper craft.


Marco and Meg are currently working on the go, following their call. They lived in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Back in Europe now. Let’s get in touch if you are here!

Before moving to Australia, they’ve been working in London for 6 years.

Previously, Marco worked in-house at The Kinc. where he helped integrate The Kinc’s visual language across media, events and campaign launches for clients such as Monster Energy, 7/9/13, Skullcandy, Paul Frank, New Era, Lobster Snowboards, and Shred.

Meg has been developing her visual design skills while collaborating with FutureLearn, loving the crossover role every minute. Prior to that, she was the middleweight visual designer for the animation studio Nearly Normal and the research firms Canvas8 and GDR Creative Intelligence, where she worked for clients such as Colgate, Diageo, Kraft, L’Oreal Paris, LVMH, Disney, M&S, Nokia, P&G, Sony, Virgin Atlantic, McLauren and Microsoft XBox.

We are now up for new adventures, so don’t hesitate to contact us both or individually!