down under, Sydney

The air smells different in Sydney

We’ve just started our third week down under and tons of things has already happened. In this episode let’s start from the basics: the smell.

Can you imagine that after 6 years in London our sense of smell has suddenly awakened? We don’t feel anymore that kind of scent made of humidity/mould/carpet-impregnated-with-beer anymore. We can now smell flowers, eucalyptus, the sea. No, for real, it’s impressive and massive.

air sydney 05

Maybe it’s the constant wind, maybe it’s the warmth of the atmosphere… as a matter of fact our senses are over-stimulated. What happens with the plants? They have leaves never seen before, shape and colours that you may have dreamed of, but they are real. The flowers are SO colourful. The birds so funny and weird in a good way.

air sydney 04 air sydney 03

Massive are also the cockroaches (which are impressively big and they scarily fly) and spiders. We used to have one in our room in Bondi, we called it Kevin. Kevin was 4 cm long and was all red. As you may be more concerned about the red back spider or the Sydney funnel-web (which are both really venomous) Kevin was really quite and unfortunately died in an accident. Rest in peace. :)

Fruit bats are other animals that you definitely don’t expect. You see them at dawn, early evening and night and you firstly think they are big swallows. You are wrong. The are massive fruit bats. Generally in Sydney they are grey, but the northern we will go, we will also find the really big red ones. They eat nectar and fruits, and mosquitos. So despite the appearance they are pretty cool!

air sydney 02smell sydney 06

Back to us. We moved to Redfern, which is a pretty central suburb, formerly known as the aboriginal area, really poor and now been gentrified. We really like here, as it’s really well served, quiet and close to Surrey Hills (the hipster/most trendy area) and close to Central and Ultimo. The house is really cool, like VERY cool. As a general observation we are really impressed by the size of the houses in Sydney. Maybe the tiny flats we used to live in London spoiled us a bit, but the way the rooms are organised make us love Australians. Therefore we made a list of things to demonstrate why Australian are really good in enjoying life:

  • there are free gas barbecue you can use pretty much everywhere (did we already say for free?!)
  • massive well decorated houses
  • tons of fruit and different kind of sauces (not only for ‘barbies‘)
  • a great slang – see Have a yarn, Give it a burl, etc…
  • they are able to surf early in the morning, dry things up and jump in a suit to go straight to work
  • they are super fit (or at least, the closer they live to the beach the fitter they are)
  • they are unexpectedly NOT so tanned – they use sunscreen all the time (this is something we are struggling a bit to get used to)
  • they have a thing for the ‘wow views’ and we do too

opera house night sydney

  • they like shaved prosciutto (we’ll tell you more about this)
  • they have great food and as Oz is so far from everywhere, they produce almost everything and it tastes great (even Australian parmigiano)
  • they eat one of the most healthy meat – yes that’s it – it’s about that tiny lovely jumping fellow.

parmigiano sydneykangaroo syd

Workwise we are luckily receiving very great feedback for our portfolios, and was something we were kind of concerned about as in our field coming from a different visual background it may actually make a difference. So we have started the interview process but… while doing interviews, we both found to do some ‘extras’ as casual work, which allows us to learn new skills, save money, be surrounded by food and really nice people, plus Meg can do some calligraphy on blackboards with colourful chalks.

We are making new friends and getting to know the ones we already knew. Life is pretty good and we love the way everything is coming along. More pictures to come soon.

tasmanian evil

That’s all for now even if there would be more to tell, but ‘it’s gone walkabout’ :)