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Our heart beats for Newtown

It took us a long time to have an clearer idea about Australia. We’ve been travelling for so many kilometres in the past few months and we are still investigating which bit is our favourite. We can’t tell this quite yet, as the adventure isn’t finished, but we have a pretty good idea of which is

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Design, Sydney

2014 retrospective – A very full year

What a year! Who would have thought that we would be travelling to so many places, challenge our skills so much and finally have the courage to fulfil some of our greatest dreams? One thing we learnt along the way is that looking backwards is worth as you can connect all the dots that at the

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down under, Sydney

The air smells different in Sydney

We’ve just started our third week down under and tons of things has already happened. In this episode let’s start from the basics: the smell. Can you imagine that after 6 years in London our sense of smell has suddenly awakened? We don’t feel anymore that kind of scent made of humidity/mould/carpet-impregnated-with-beer anymore. We can now

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