down under

Hot impressions about the New World

We did it! Meg and Marco finally did it! It’s been a very long journey towards Dubai (which is itself a very incredible place to be) and once landed we were completely astonished.


This blog post would be mostly about our first ‘hot’ impressions than about design, as three days it’s not much to create a proper opinion.


We booked a place through our beloved AirBnB, literally in front of Bondi Beach and considering we are coming from London, having the Big Ocean right outside our balcony makes an extreme difference to our daily mood. Our hosts are spectacularly friendly and very interesting people (both originally from England).

Bondi is a small and friendly neighbourhood where there is definitely something going on about the sense of beauty. Everything is beautiful: the Art Deco houses, the tiny little shops, the fruit and veggies from the Harris Farm Markets, the barefooted/tanned/blonde youths and the great smell of the sea.


We see plants and trees we had never admired before, completely different leaves, or smells or colours. It’s very green all around. Birds too are really different: it’s not only about their physical aspect but their whistles: imagine someone whistling a lovely melody… But it’s not a human.

We really love this bit.

Integration: despite all the odds, we managed already to do everything to move forward (bank accounts, opal cards – which is kind of the little Oyster card sister, SIM cards, Medicare and Tax numbers). Now we are completely set up to start working and if you are reading and you like our portfolio (or you know anyone interested in what we do) do shoot us an email and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

This first touch of Sydney prospects a very interesting adventure. And we really wish will reflect what the bank manager told us when registering with them:

“Welcome to Australia! Hope it will be everything you want it to be!”