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Perth and its walls

Perth was a shock.

Despite all the kindness we received at the very beginning (the security guy who drove as home for free from the airport and our first super cool Cileno hosts in East Victoria Park which welcomed us with a bbq under the stars), landing here was kind of traumatic, dry and hot. First of all the whole idea of space here is very questionable: the distance may vary quite a lot if you have a car or you are using public transport. Ok ok, we are use to London which is kind of futuristic compared to what we found here. Sydney was pretty good too, and with tube and buses you can basically be almost everywhere in around 40 min max.

Not in Perth. It’s ok if you are living in the centre and stay there, but wherever you need to go it’s too far to go by walking and time consuming by public transport (sounds familiar Rimini?!). People are kind but can’t really say as open hearted as in New South Wales. They love their quiet and simple life, they still do barbies on the beach but more discreet. The sky is super blue. They do have cockroaches too. Despite this simplistic and superficial summery, this update is not about complains though. We stayed in Perth just the right time to find another accommodation, and *voilà, in one week we were already settled in Fremantle WA and with new friends and new jobs. We’ll tell you more about this later on.

Lights on Perth again: what we really love about the most isolated major city in the world, which puts things a bit in perspective, is its art scene. Every corner of the city and its major suburbs has this very attractive and multicultural street art that leaves you speechless. From the 10th till the 19th of April, thanks to Public, local, interstate and international artists will create art in the city.

Perth street artPerth street artPerth street art Perth street art Perth street art Perth street art Perth street art Perth street art Perth street art

You can follow Public updates in their instagram page. We’ll give you another chance Perth. We promise that. Now it’s Freo time!

Fremantle PublicJ-004-b

* We are fully immersed in a French community: our lovely flatmates are French (4 in total) and French attracts French so you can imagine we are challenging every preconception and prejudice among Italians and French. We will keep you posted :)