Global Innovation Reports

Editorial, infographics, visual design

The Global Innovation Report is GDR’s unique quarterly publication. Compiled exclusively for global consumer brands***, we highlight the latest developments in retail and hospitality across the world. Each issue showcases the best creative work across retail and hospitality interiors, campaigns, digital technologies, social media, packaging, interactive experiences, service design and visual merchandising. To find out more about Global Innovation Report, you can contact GDR Creative Intelligence.

We sourceed everything direct from our global network of designers, creatives and strategists who reveal their latest projects in the detail you need. Every report delivers a relevant and striking visual narrative of emerging trends impacting key customer touchpoints, including: interiors, marketing, digital, new technologies, visual merchandising, packaging, product and service design. Each edition includes GDR’s own in-house features and commissioned articles from international visionaries. CEOs and Senior global brand executives use these reports and Trend Presentations to enhance their understanding of the future consumer, source and direct creative partners and inspire their organisations to future success.

Below you can see some page samples of the four reports I curated.

GIR 44
194 pages, 210x297mm, hardcover designed by Nendo.

GDR-meg-44-1  GDR-meg-44-6


GIR 45
206 pages, 210x297mm, hardcover designed by FITCH.
Here you can download the mind map I designed for the consumer communications expert Paul Bay, seen in the preview of the book.

GDR-meg-45-1GDR-meg-45-7  GDR-meg-45-4

GIR 46
200 pages, 210x297mm, hardcover designed by The Neighbourhood.

  GDR-meg-46-6GDR-meg-46-2 GDR-meg-46-3 GDR-meg-46-4 GDR-meg-46-5

GIR 47
184 pages, 210x297mm, hardcover designed by HWKN.

GDR-meg-47-1  GDR-meg-47-3 GDR-meg-47-4  GDR-meg-47-6

***Companies using GDR’s services include: Ann Taylor, Build-A-Bear, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Coty, Diageo, Kraft, GAP, House Of Fraser, L’Oreal Paris, Lowes, LVMH, Macy’s, M&S, McDonald’s, Moet Hennessy, Nokia, Orange France, Pernod Ricard, P&G, Sony, Unilever, Urban Outfitters, Virgin Atlantic, Waitrose.