New Flavours

visual design

This is a Christmas gift we produced at Nearly Normal as a present for our clients and few lucky fellows. We were collaborating with some paper engineers at the time, experimenting on new techniques and this is one of the results. We started sketching on a train to KIKK Festival in Belgium and thinking about something colourful and full of juice. I designed the patterns made of numbers and the actual calendar with the final black stand for the desktop version.


While Victoria Bee was creating the fruit, with the help of Cris Wiegandt and Rita Araujo for gluening, I was in charge of the shooting and prepared all the final design material to be showcased and send in time for Christmas. Massive thanks to Baz Sells who was managing all of us, crazy bunch of creatives. Then I contacted all my favourite blogs and push it as much as I could. Being fetured also on some of them, more than 56,700 views while writing this and still growing.

New-Flavours-Meg-01 New-Flavours-Meg-02 New-Flavours-Meg-03 New-Flavours-Meg-05 New-Flavours-Meg-07 New-Flavours-Meg-08