Party Animals

craft, visual design

What can happen when you work on big projects is that you do many things that don’t get used. So the only thing you can do it’s have fun with it afterward.

These little experiments with the team at Nearly Normal just prove this.

AnimalParty-01-Meg AnimalParty-02-Meg AnimalParty-03-MegAnimalParty-06-MegAnimalParty-07-Meg

These are the initial sketches I made and then passed to Clayton Junior to stylise each character.

AnimalParty-04-Meg AnimalParty-04a-Meg AnimalParty-05-Meg

Art department at NN: Margherita Gaffarelli, Clayton Junior, Saulo Jamariqueli, Jaime Kiss, Jess Deacon, Victoria Biquet, Daryl Higgins, Baz Sells.