SCOUT Magazine

calligraphy, craft, illustration, visual design

G+J Corporate Editors GmbH commissioned Cris Wiegandt to create diverse paper craft illustrations for Scout Magazine. Cris and Nearly Normal team were able to mix tactile and handcrafted elements into three stunning compositions – all within a very tight deadline.

00_scout-final-magazine__seite_01 00_scout-final-magazine__seite_02 00_scout-final-magazine__seite_03 00_scout-final-magazine__seite_0400_scout-final-magazine__seite_09

I worked on setting up the set and composition, designed all the calligraphy and lettering, did some paper craft – I am particularly proud of the cool princess and her pink pony – and helped with the shooting and retouching.

Scout-Meg-01Scout-Meg-02 Scout-Meg-03  Scout-Meg-06