Who is he?

illustration, video, visual design

A former actress joined forces with her neighbors to discover the truth about the newcomer in the building. The policeman, hired to solve the mystery about some facts that have touched the neighborhood, discovers more details about the suspect.

Everyone realizes that their assumptions do not match. Has anybody omitted anything? Who is he?

A short film focused on how many ways we can represent the reality. In this experimental short the audience is the protagonist. The collective will of 100 people, involved at the beginning, creates the imaginary and metaphorical world of each character. The author takes every interpretations from the interviews of the fist public and builds each scene, using different techniques and languages. The audience relished the final interpretations and begins to construct its own narrative and personal development.

Still and treatments

WhoIsHe-Meg-01 WhoIsHe-Meg-02 WhoIsHe-Meg-03 WhoIsHe-Meg-04 WhoIsHe-Meg-05 WhoIsHe-Meg-06 WhoIsHe-Meg-07  WhoIsHe-Meg-09 WhoIsHe-Meg-10   WhoIsHe-Meg-13WhoIsHe-Meg-12 WhoIsHe-Meg-14