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Rottnest blue is the warmest colour

If we have to think about a colour to describe and represent Australia, that would be this blue for sure. We’ve been to Rottnest Island, which is just few km offshore Perth. It’s a place where there are no cars, no much pollution, not many people and tons of quokkas. Actually this is the land of quokkas (the name Rottnest comes from ‘Rats nest’).


We hired bikes and we decided to explore the island, which is not big and can be seen easily in one day.


The beaches here are incredible! Look at this colour!

Rottnest-04 Rottnest-05

As you can imagine we took few selfies with the quokkas, as it is much of a trend right now.

Rottnest-06 Rottnest-07 Rottnest-08 Rottnest-09 Rottnest-10 Rottnest-11

That’s really not much to say. Just pick up the sunscreen, go there with the best buddies you have and enjoy the day!