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The Melbourne skyline

Where were we? We moved to Melbourne in Victoria and it’s been almost 3 months already…How time flies!Melb08The post today is not a recap, it’s not even a summary but it is kind of a question: What is Melbourne to us? We have such a melting pot of great feelings for it since we decided to live here.¬†Melb07Mel is what you don’t ever expect from an Australian city. The sky turns its colour every 5 minutes, the sunsets are gorgeous, the skyline is so eclectic that you don’t know when a building ends and another starts… I would go through the (young) history of every single building – if only I was passionate enough about architecture as the mix it’s incredibly fascinating (note to self: write a post about it, maybe).Melb06All the cultures are really well mixed, and walking down the street you can cross an impressive variety of faces that a scholar of physiognomy will be happily studying for the rest of his life…Melb05 Melb04The new and the old are melted, mixed, merged in a complex but interesting textured picture.
Mel02Melb01Ah and it’s cold, like VERY cold. It’s te beginning of spring now, so the weather is a bit of a mess, although we quite enjoy the warm sun (when it’s out).Melb10We feel very¬†blessed to have the chance to live in a such rich and lively city. We are gonna go through lots of aspects of it – like the area we decided to live in, the coffee scene (which is massive) and the usual design and underground stuff. Stay tuned!