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Wanderlust is a state of mind

Where have you been for the past 4 months?” Well, we have so many stories to tell…

But we are not showing everything quite yet, as when you travel, you learn lessons along the way and it takes time to elaborate. For sure we are preparing lots of posts but as they require long production (as they go deep in certain matters), we decided to at least recap about where we are now and what happened to us.

Sydney chapter

We spent 4 months in Sydney and we absolutely loved it. Everyone was telling us “you guys are Melbourne types” and as we haven’t been there yet and “they say” either you love Sydney or you love Melbourne, we are now even more curious about what we could feel if we decided to spend sometime there. Sydney was a collection of tests and challenges, mainly linked to building our confidence, reestablish a new routine and connect deeply with the culture.

We changed 3 house, 4 rooms, had a total of 11 flatmates: we lived in front of the beach in Bondi, in the centre of the aboriginal community in Redfern and in the beating heart of the underground neighbourhood of Newtown. The first house was an enchanting Victorian mason 2 min walk from the beach, where we lived with an English couple – just to have a smooth transition from London. Then we moved to a really modern flat with impeccable interiors in Redfern and there we spent most of our time. We cook a lot, we worked a lot (as it was holiday season) and we built some great connections with special people. One of Meg’s dreams was also to live in a traditional terraced house, with those amazing balcony full of beautiful ornate fencing.

Newtown Murales
Newtown murales

SouthEast Asia

You know we love to explore new places and if your best mates from London decided to go to the Philippines, you can’t miss the call. So we made a list of all the things left to do in SYD and just after have it checked, we landed in Manila first and had an insight of what means to be a Filipino.

Pinoys in Palawan

Western Australia chapter

As silly as it will sound, it was cheaper to fly to Indonesia from Manila, than take a flight directly to Perth. So we did, and well, we now know where we want to spend our retirement. Oh Bali… you are too good to be true.

We now have the Indian Ocean in our eyes!

We spent a week in Perth and even if we want to give it another try, we decided to move to Fremantle, a little town on the sea, a bit southern than the most isolate metropolitan area – we’ll go through this another time. So here we go Western Australia. We are ready for everything it will come!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 09.59.52
Indian ocean